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Family Friendly Working Scotland (FFWS) supports and promotes the development of family friendly workplaces across Scotland. Our ambition is to make Scotland a beacon of excellence in family friendly working. We work with employers and support them to embed family friendly working practices, which bring huge benefits to both employees and business. FFWS is a collaborative partnership between Working FamiliesFathers Network ScotlandParenting Across Scotland and the Scottish Government. FFWS was established in 2014 with Scottish Government funding and support.




icon-quote“I am very aware of how lucky I am to have such caring managers and employer, hopefully in the future all workers in Scotland will be extended the same level of support.”

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The public perception of childcare remains mired in the belief that is solely a problem for women, finds Clare Simpson


Childcare is high on the political agenda as a crucial issue for parents in determining how many hours they can work or even whether they’re able to work at all. What doesn’t get so much attention is just how vital childcare is to employers: without a pool of workers who have adequate, reliable childcare, businesses would quite simply not be able to operate. In spite of substantial evidence to the contrary, childcare remains stuck in public perception as a women’s issue. Rather than being a women’s issue, childcare is an ‘infrastructure’ issue as Nicola Sturgeon referred to it at the Women’s Employment Summit in 2012. Or as Barack Obama said in his State of the Union address: It’s time we stopped treating childcare as a side issue…or as a women’s issue and treat it like the national economic priority it is for all of us.”


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Flexible-Working-logo-rgb-300dpi-616x349Too few jobs are being advertised as suitable for flexible working and this is restricting the talent pool from which employers can recruit. Find out more...



Nearly a third of parents said that they would like to use less childcare and spend more time with their children



Work is eroding the time parents have to make healthy choices, such as having time to exercise or to cook properly



Employers benefit from retaining talent in both women and men when offering a family friendly working environment



41% of parents said that work life is becoming increasingly stressful


Source: MFI Scotland 2015