Gavin Bell

Gavin Bell, 37, is a Programme Manager for SCVO. He and wife Laura, have 2 daughters, Ava, 10, Scarlett, 6 who has an autism diagnosis, and a son Max who is 3.


Gavin works full time at Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations and wife Laura is a full-time mum. He works Monday to Friday and tends to start work between 09:30 - 09:45 which gives him the chance to drop the children off at school and nursery. Gavin's retired father picks them up.  


Gavin said: "It gives me a lot of support to know I can manage the school run and work from home on occasion if necessary – creates a much better work/life balance."


"I don't have a special arrangement but SCVO’s flexitime makes it possible to take kids to school and I’m confident I can speak to them if I need to change anything"