Michelle Carr

Michelle Carr, 43, a Business Adviser for Ceteris, lives and works in Alloa. She works part-time, on average 29 hours a week, 9am to 5pm and 9am to 1pm to work round husband Eddie’s shifts. They have two sons, Logan, 12 and Jake, 9. 


Michelle's working week depends on husband Eddie's shifts, which can be day-shift, back-shift or night-shift. Having Eddie's shifts in advance, allows her to plan her diary in advance.


Logan, their eldest child normally walks to and from high school, whilst Michelle drops Jake, their youngest child at primary school and goes into work. If Eddie is available in the afternoon, he will collect Jake from school and Michelle will finish work at 1pm to collect Jake, if Eddie is working back-shift.


She said: "My work is great if I need to change my hours and I am equally flexible if I am required to work at different times."