Useful information for families

FFWS partnership organisations provide advice and information for families, particularly on issues relating to work.


Working Families

Working Families is the UK’s leading work-life organisation. The charity supports and gives a voice to working parents and carers, whilst also helping employers create workplaces which encourage work-life balance for everyone. The Working Families helpline for parents, carers and their advisers gives advice on employment rights and benefits.

Parenting Across Scotland

Family life is full of ups and downs and decisions to make. There is a lot of good, support and information available for parents and carers via the PAS website. You can access free parent resources, support networks and parent helplines on a range of topics.

Fathers Network Scotland

FNS signposts father-friendly groups and services through its growing online network, and publishes inspiring stories of dads defying traditional gender roles to care for their children.

icon-quote“It is short sighted to not use great talent simply because the person can’t work what we deem as a normal working week. It is time to redefine our social norms and work-life expectations. I look forward to what the future of work could look like.”