Bonnie Clarke

Director for Scotland at Badenoch & Clark. B&C is a specialist recruitment company supporting professionals find great roles and helping our clients become even better by connecting them with great talented future employees.




Bonnie has been working within the recruitment sector for over 17 years. She is a graduate in the Psychology of Human Communication and French, and is passionate about personal and team development. Bonnie has been responsible for a diverse range of business sectors throughout her career, and has specialized in HR, Executive Search and Senior Interim roles within the Public Sector and Banking and Finance within Scotland. Bonnie has been managing, supporting and directing teams throughout her career and is dedicated about helping people reach their potential. Bonnie ran her own business in England for 5 years and had clients across Europe. She has been working within in a corporate Plc environment as a director for over 10 years. Bonnie is on the board of Women’s Enterprise Scotland (WES). WES works to create an entrepreneurial environment where women led businesses can flourish and grow. Bonnie is the Chair of the charity Women onto Work (WOW) supporting women into meaningful work who have barriers to entry into the workplace. Bonnie is a Trustee for Changing the Chemistry a peer to peer support organization that focuses on supporting true diversity onto Boards for more effective boards, businesses and our country. Bonnie has been an entrepreneur, a business leader, speaker, Chair and NxD with the aim of helping our society to be fairer, individuals to be more confident and our country to be optimistic about.


How did you become interested in family friendly working?  


I remember a colleague talking to me years ago about having to stop working as she couldn’t find a role that worked around her children and I was stunned that such a talented and motivated individual was not able to use her talents and skills. I just couldn’t see how this was a good thing, for her, as she really wanted to work and the business world which was missing out on a fantastic committed, talented potential employee. For over 18years I have seen the benefit of flexible working policies in organisations that I have had some level of influence in and those where I was not able to influence I ultimately left. It is so short sighted to not use great talent simply because the person doesn’t want to or can’t work what we deem as a normal working week. Maybe we need to redefine a normal working week. As a society we are pretty much stuck in an old pattern of thinking and need to wake up to the possibilities that can open up, if we embrace diverse ways of thinking around working routines, which can ultimately enrich our personal lives and make businesses even better. I do wonder if we are entering into a period of great and positive disruptive thinking that could redefine our social norms and working life expectations. I am excited and looking forward to what the future could look like.


How does family friendly working and flexibility benefit employers?


I have found that I get incredible, committed and talented employees who work in a focused, dedicate manner during the times they are in the office. They often seem even more laser focused on getting their tasks completed as they are time bound and possibly less likely to get distracted or diverted. I also find incredibly loyalty and commitment back from these employees and to be honest just now I just know that I get the pick of great talent and this gives me competitive advantage as many of my competitors are not able to offer the same flexibility.


Also there is a good argument about having a reduction in per head salary costs can’t be forgotten too.


What does good work-life balance look like?


Having time to do the things that help you be the best person you can be. Whether it is being at home with your kids or spending time caring for your spouse, or even as one of our team does, spend time with her horses, as she is training to be an International Show Jumper. I am very open minded and really want my team to do whatever it is that gives them nourishment and a chance to rebalance, ready to be productive at work.


What three words best describe you?


Loyal, positive, tenacious.