Celia Tennant

Chief Executive, Inspiring Scotland. Celia Tennant spent 20 years in the Pharmaceutical Industry with Pfizer and as a senior leader developed a breadth of experience across many areas.


Celia joined Inspiring Scotland at its inception and since then has developed a deep appreciation and understanding of the voluntary sector, having led on the implementation and management of all of Inspiring Scotland’s Funds. Celia brings passion and unparalleled knowledge of the organisations across all of Inspiring Scotland’s funds as well as a commitment to improving the lives of Scotland’s most vulnerable people. She is a voluntary Board member for a number of not for profit and sporting organisations. Celia has always focused on people and team and was recognised as the IOD Scotland Director of the year for 2015 for Family friendly and Flexible working policies. Celia loves the great outdoors and enjoys pushing herself to new limits through multi-sport and endurance events. She also relishes time spent with family and friends.


How did you become interested in the area of family friendly working?

It started as a young-ish manager at a large Pharmaceutical company where I had a fantastic team, 60% of whom were Mums with young children. When we introduced 4 flexible contracts in the 1990’s there was a stampede and it became very clear there was huge value of giving people the opportunity to balance life and family with work.  Since then I have been keen to ensure that good people have the best opportunity to thrive in work and in their private lives. For some this is helped enormously by creating the opportunity for flexible working.


As an employer, Inspiring Scotland champions flexible working for all, not just for parents. It helps us attract excellent people and by supporting their needs the business benefits, through increasing the motivation, engagement and productivity of our team. We believe that to be at our most effective as an organisation we need to empower everyone to achieve balance in their lives, whether that means time for family or time for other interests.


Our flexible working package encompasses homeworking, reduced, compressed and flexible hours and is readily adjustable throughout the year, for example during summer holidays.  Over half of colleagues currently utilise flexible working which mainly allows staff to balance childcare, but also supports the pursuit of an artistic career and training. We focus on developing the whole person and the flexible working is in turn designed to motivate staff by giving them the opportunity to nurture and develop the other parts of their lives beyond work.


What three words best describe you?


Enthusiastic, energetic and driven