A practical strapline for advertising your commitment to flexible working

Are you happy to talk flexible working?


We recognise the business benefit of people contributing their skills and expertise at work, while having some control over where and when the job is done.


Did you know that:


  • 47% of the workforce would like to work flexibly but only 6% of adverts are designed or advertised flexibly
  • Flexible hiring widens your talent pool
  • Flexible recruitment sets you apart from your peers and gives you a competitive advantage, particularly in sectors with skills shortages (i.e. STEM sectors)
  • Flexible hiring helps you broaden gender diversity within your workforce


Our campaign - Happy to Talk Flexible Working - is a strapline for employers to show you are ready to have a discussion about flexible working. This is done on a case by case basis and the results will open up the application process to more people with the skills and talents you are looking for.


‘For the best candidate, will I consider flexible working for this role?’  If the answer is ‘yes’, then say so in your recruitment advertising.


The ’happy to talk flexible working’ logo and strapline sends a signal to prospective applicants that you are open to a discussion around flexible working. It also encourages managers to think about the different ways that the job can be achieved, rather than assuming a traditional Monday-Friday, 9am - 5pm approach.


The employers currently backing the ‘Happy to Talk Flexible Working Campaign’  include: Maclay Murray Spens LLPFanduelWest Dunbartonshire CouncilScottish GovernmentYoung Enterprise ScotlandScottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA), Independent Living FundFlexiworkforceBadenoch & Clark and Goodmoves.


Scottish Government Minister, Aileen Campbell endorses the campaign:


“We know many parents and carers have to juggle work with family commitments and that it can be difficult to begin a conversation around flexible working with a new employer – with the knock-on effect that employers and employees can both miss out on the right opportunities.


The ‘happy to talk flexible working’ strapline can change all that, making it easier for employers to attract the right breadth of talent, and for employees to find the right balance between their working and home lives right from the outset."


Once you’re ready to advertise your flexible role simply download the Happy to Talk Flexible Working logo and use it beside your job advert and on the job specification.


We have also produced some simple guidance about job design to help you consider what the job really needs and what type of flexible working might work best for your organisation.


You are welcome to contact us if you have any queries or would like further support on flexible working within your organisation.


Thanks to communications agency AMV BBDO for their pro bono support with development of the strapline.

How do I use the strapline?

Simple. Firstly, read the guidance on job design and types of flexible working available below.


Once you’re ready to advertise your flexible role simply download the Happy to Talk Flexible Working logo and use it beside your job advert and on the job specification.


If you’re advertising via a recruitment agency please ask them to ensure that they use it too.

icon-quote“Using the ‘Happy to talk flexible working’ strapline in all our recruitment has exceeded our expectations. It has definitely helped to reinforce that we can offer experienced and skilled employees an attractive career that allows them to balance their work and home lives. The feedback we’ve received shows this is a real differentiator in a competitive talent market.



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“A lot of companies offer flexible working but the onus should be on businesses to presume in favour, challenge outdated assumptions and give their employees more confidence to ask about the options


“Flexibility is not just for parents but for all staff. It can work for everyone including businesses. That’s why we support the Happy to talk Flexible Working strapline calling for businesses to encourage flexibility from the job ad onwards.”


Happy To Talk Flexible Working is supported by:CBI_Scotland